ETH price analysis KW43 – Will cryptosoft soon go up again?

After falling to 237.14 EUR (275.30 USD), the price rose to 266.05 EUR (308.87 USD) and is currently trading around 255 EUR (about 296 USD). Summary of cryptosoft The Ethereum cryptosoft course has remained constant throughout the week. Since October 25th, the price of cryptosoft has been in a very narrow triangle pattern and is Read More

HUSD: The stable coin solution of the Bitcoin stock exchange Huobi

The Bitcoin exchange Huobi is planning its own stable coin solution. However, instead of issuing a new token, as is currently the case with many others, the company is working on a solution to connect the existing coins. Stable coins are a controversial issue in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Although they are theoretically very practical, they Read More

Blockchain Interest

Like some at the Money20/20 conference, Watson quickly indicated that Diebold was now more interested in blockchain technology. These included in particular conditional blockchains and distributed registers in which a certain number of financial institutions or bodies share a transaction network. Watson sees such applications as potential dampers for disputes regarding data protection laws and Read More