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Mark Neumann's 12 Plans to Put Wisconsin Taxpayers First Plan #1: Cut Government Spending & Reduce Taxes Download the Plan (PDF) Limit spending across-the-board to 1% under inflation each year. Systematically reduce taxes by 24% or more over 8 years as spending is cut. Start by cutting income taxes for the middle class, repealing Doyle's tax increases, and eliminating Combined Reporting to encourage businesses to remain in Wisconsin. Fix Doyle's $2.5 billion deficit, return to honest budgeting, and introduce standard business accounting models. Prevent career politicians from raiding segregated funds, borrowing money, creating deficits, and depending on federal stimulus dollars to balance out their spending habits. Streamline government by removing waste, inefficiency, and out-of-date programs. Fight federal stimulus and work to keep more money in the hands of Wisconsin taxpayers. Plan #2: The Biggest One Year Tax Cut in Wisconsin History Download the Plan (PDF) Inject up to $11 billion into Wisconsin's economy in one year — resulting in an economic boom that kicks Wisconsin out of this recession. This will attract businesses, create jobs, and provide the capital for loans to homeowners and entrepreneurs. Streamline government by automating the property tax payment process and encouraging automatic bank transfers. Voluntary program that allows property owners to keep their entire 2011 property taxes if they agree to pay property taxes every month starting January 2012. Plan #3: Create 300,000 New Jobs in Wisconsin Download the Plan (PDF) Create 10 Research Triangles across Wisconsin with the goal of 30,000 new jobs each. Quantify the intellectual specialties in the different triangles and market to companies that have needs in those areas. Connect Wisconsin's colleges, tech schools, and universities with business leaders to create internship and full-time job opportunities, synergize research and development, provide training and continuing education programs, and attract new businesses to Wisconsin. Provide tax incentives to businesses that expand and create new jobs. The incentives will be based on the increased taxes paid to Wisconsin due to the new jobs or other business expansion. Assemble an Economic Development Team from private sector and education leaders in various industries. Study what specifically makes other states, regions, and cities successful, and create a plan for Wisconsin to become the best place in the world to do business. Plan #4: The Best Educated Children in the World Download the Plan (PDF) Assemble a Blue Ribbon Panel for Excellence in Education from exceptional leaders in the education arena; from parents and teachers to school administrators and school board members; from elementary schools and universities, public and private schools, home and virtual schools. Neumann will personally Chair the panel. Measure academic growth using standardized tests with national norms. Set the minimum standard of one year academic growth for every year in school, and end the practice of social grade promotion. Demand accountability by publically grading teachers, administrators, and schools based on the standard of one year academic growth for each year the student is in school. Reward excellent teachers, administrators, and schools. Have education tax dollars follow the student in order to encourage educational excellence, as long as the institution voluntarilymeets the standards as set by the Blue Ribbon Panel. Empower local administrators to provide the best education in their schools by eliminating state-mandates, removing Madison bureaucracy, and streamlining education mandates and regulations. Plan #5: Restore the Constitution Download the Plan (PDF) Honor the Oath of Office and uphold the Constitution of the United States and Wisconsin. Use the 10th Amendment to protect the citizens of Wisconsin against unconstitutional power grabs by the federal government. Fight ObamaCare by authorizing a federal lawsuit and encouraging a Wisconsin Constitutional Amendment to explicitly preserve healthcare choice to the people. Address Illegal Immigration. Work with our federal delegation to force the Federal Government to close the borders. Fight 'stimulus' spending or return it to the taxpayers. Support 2nd Amendment rights and sign Concealed Carry legislation. Plan #6: Rebuild Wisconsin Industry

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Download the Plan (PDF) Streamline government for business interaction by eliminating business-killing rules, regulations, mandates, taxes, and costs. Provide a world-class infrastructure required by the different industries, like the transportation network. Appoint business leaders to government positions who know first-hand how government discourages business growth and job creation. Create the best-trained workforce in the world through excellence in K–12 education and research triangles that provide job training, continuing education, advanced degrees, and industry research. Plan #7: Strengthen Rural Wisconsin Download the Plan (PDF) Connect education and business in interested rural areas through research triangles. Provide support for Wisconsin Farmers in Madison and support Right to Farm and Use Value Assessment. Improve access to educational opportunities by encouraging innovative learning options. Plan #8: Energy Independent Wisconsin Download the Plan (PDF) Fight business-killing energy requirements like Cap and Trade, and Doyle's 25 by 25 plan. Businesses have been shown to reduce energy consumption faster than government requires as it becomes economically viable. Reduce energy mandates, regulations and rules so that each energy option can freely compete in a free market system. Plan #9: Protect Outdoor Wisconsin Download the Plan (PDF) Appoint a DNR secretary from the private sector who has experience complying with the DNR's rules, regulations, and bureaucracy. Turn the DNR into a business-friendly and outdoorsman-friendly organization. Properly manage the deer herd and wolf pack populations to provide an optimal hunting experience for Wisconsin families. Protect the Great Lakes' ecosystem from Asian Carp by supporting the Attorney General's lawsuit to temporarily close the Chicago Locks until a long-term solution is found. Protect Wisconsin's great state parks and market them to increase tourism and attract businesses. Plan #10: Taxpayer Empowerment Amendment — The T.E.A. Act Download the Plan (PDF) Impair the future ability of any legislature to increase taxes by requiring voter approval for any increase in income or sales tax rates. Voter approval in order to issue some General Purpose Revenue bonding. Voter veto power on emergency expenditures. Plan #11: Restore Trust in Madison Download the Plan (PDF) Support Wisconsin term limits: 12 years for Governor, Constitutional Offices, State Senators, and State Representatives. Serve only 2 terms as Governor (self-term limit). Make government truly transparent by enacting a variety of measures, like requiring the legislature to post major spending proposals online for review by the public at least 5 days before it is voted on. Support photo identification for voting and registering to vote. Maintain the practice of town halls, main street visits, and interacting online through email, Facebook, and other social networks. Implement innovative ways to increase citizen involvement in the government, like allowing Wisconsinites to work on developing legislation through an open and collaborative website. Remove perceptions of outside influence on budget decisions by implementing campaign donation self-regulations. Support citizen initiatives and referenda that are proportionate from every county. Plan #12: Reform Health Care in Wisconsin Download the Plan (PDF) Fight ObamaCare and any other federal healthcare mandates. Reduce healthcare costs by enhancing competition and reducing paperwork required by the state of Wisconsin. Support tort reform limits on non-economic damages in cases of unintentional medical malpractice. Encourage HSA participation by making them fully tax deductible, increasing the levels of participation, reducing limits on qualified expenses, and increasing penalties for non-qualified distributions. Introduce HSAs into the government healthcare plan. Create interstate competition of health insurance to lower costs and increase quality. Increase insurance options by reducing required provisions. Allow individuals and businesses to deduct 110% of the cost of healthcare costs.